Uncover Machine Health Blindspots

Augury-Transparency-Across-Departments.png Transparency Across Departments
Augury-Actionable-Insights-Blue.png Actionable Insights and Maintenance Recommendations
Augury-Full-Stack-2.png Full-Stack Diagnostics System
Augury-Less-Unplanned-Downtime-Blue.png Less Unplanned Downtime


Monitoring a Fast-Growing Machine Health Ecosystem


3,000+ Machines Saved • 70,000+ Machines Monitored • 7,000+ Failures Avoided

Our Solution

1 | Easy data collection

Machine data is collected either with a smartphone-enabled portable device or continuously with wireless sensors

Portable Diagnostics
Continuous Diagnostics

2 | Cloud-based Diagnostics

Our smart machine learning algorithms diagnose issues and recommend repairs in real time

3 | Real-time, Actionable Results

Manage the health of your assets and get maintenance recommendations online and on your mobile devices.