Webinar: Manufacturing and The IIoT - A Conversation with Ed Ballina

Manufacturing is about fighting entropy - the gradual descent into chaos. Procedures, processes, and discipline are necessary to drive improvement, while manufacturing is rapidly transitioning into the digital age. This transition is potentially more exciting and disruptive than the industrial revolution. Be it gradual or sudden, all change comes with risk. Some groups will benefit from early adoption, while others will be left behind.

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Ed Ballina

Meet The Speaker

Ed Ballina 
Ed Ballina was formerly VP Manufacturing and Warehousing at Pepsi, with 36 years of experience in manufacturing and reliability across 3 CPG Fortune 50 companies, including Beverage, and Paper. He previously led a team focused on improving equipment RE/TE performance and reducing maintenance costs while improving Field capability.

He also held roles as Sr Director Supply Chain C&O, Sr Director of Manufacturing and Warehousing for both the Southeast and Northeast regions with responsibility for all bottling plants (CSD and Gatorade) in said PepsiCo geographies.

Mr. Ballina began his career in 1982 with Procter and Gamble where he held a number of roles in engineering, maintenance and production management. He transitioned to Scott Paper Company where he continued his career progression leading larger manufacturing organizations at their Chester, Pa location. In 1995 he began his career with PepsiCo where he held several roles leading Line Improvement Initiatives and was the Plant Director for several bottling facilities including Pepsi’s largest plant in Denver, Colorado.

Artem Kroupenev

Meet Your Host

Artem Kroupenev - VP of Product @ Augury
Artem is Head of Product at Augury, where he oversees the development of Augury’s current and future machine diagnostic and predictive maintenance solutions. He has over 10 years of experience in product, innovation and business development, and has co-founded and helped grow enterprise-focused startups in Israel, New York and West Africa.
Prior to joining Augury, Artem was entrepreneur in residence at Bionic, a leading enterprise innovation consultancy based in NYC. In his previous roles, he served as Co-founder and COO of Choozer, and Co-founder and VP Product of HDID. Artem holds and BA and MA from IDC Herzliya in Israel.