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There probably is nothing more important right now to your business than reliability. With so much of the supply chain and the business world in general becoming unreliable, it may seem your plant is the only thing you have control over. But do you?

You should be able to count on the equipment in your own plant. That's one variable you have control over. Reliability of the machinery, of the employees, of your food safety program.

Food and beverage processors have been employing a range of tactics to find that reliability. Food Processing, in conjunction with Augury, surveyed plant managers at the start of this year to gauge where their plants stood on topics such as how often unplanned downtime occurs and what is the cause, how they are identifying and monitoring critical assets, and what are the repercussions, which is especially important in light of today’s labor and supply chain issues.

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Reducing planned outages means either debottlenecking the process or reducing the number of tasks to shorten the duration, and the only way to do that is with condition-based programs, which most respondents say they don’t have.


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